TTL Traditional Grocery Store

- Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation -

"The float of Taiwan Tabacco & Liquor Co. was designed to celebrate the Taiwan Classic Beer's centennial anniversary which was released in 1919. Along with the Taiwan classical style , the front bumper was decorated by a giant and classical beer box loaded with a series of lavish beer cans, as if the fete was goint to unveil to greet at the lines of the cheerleaders.

The centered stage on the float was standing a Tabacco & Liquor sign board which has been applied as mental indicator since the period of Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau   that has ever manipulated the selling of cigerettes and alcohol during the Japanese occupation period.. The Lamp String lights connects a traditional grocery store to the classic beer centennial-designed bottle. A old-fashioned red brick house has been posted vintage posters on one side. Meanwhile, there is a fantastic grocery store full of the best sold products , including Yushan Taiwan Koaliang Liquor, Taiwan Classic Beer, and being decorated the giant delicate products  With the sparkling light bulbs, we preform to sustain the Monopoly Bureau's spirits from the old times to nowadays."