Celestial celebration ‧ praise national day


Mazu, also known as the Scorpio, Tin Hau, the Queen Mother of the Queen, and the Mother of God, saved the sentient beings with the mother's love and compassion. It is the god that the people of Taiwan share in common. Beigang Chaotian Temple is currently the largest and most influential temple in Taiwan. This float show breaks away from the existing development model and explores more contemporary elements, so that tradition not only saves and replicates, but also needs to infuse new living water forever. Continue the tradition. The National Day float parade was injected through the local music performance and performing arts groups. It is not only a simple art and cultural exchange, but more importantly, it connects the Mazu culture shared by the people of Taiwan and opens the Beigang Chaotian Temple Mazu in the religious belief. The influence and mobilization of the field, the interpretation of the transformation into a symbol of Taiwan's contemporary culture and folk art aesthetics.