Bravo Show Taipei x Temporary post office
Free Limited Post Cards

Activity Time
Theme Bravo Activities

Oct. 10 Thu 16:00~21:00
Oct. 11 Fri~ Oct. 20 Sun 09:00~21:00

Temporary post office

Oct. 10 Thu 16:00~20:00
Oct. 11 Fri~ Oct. 20 Sun 15:00~20:00

Activity Method
  1. Take interactive photos with BRAVO! in the theme zone and upload them to FB or IG and share with the public and tag #10X10 Fun Taipei and #BRAVO!
  2. Show your post to the staff, then you will have you liminted post cards.
  3. You can send it for free at the Temporary Post Office (Taiwan address only).
  4. There will be four special postmarks during the activity.

You are welcome to collect them!